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Filming Boum Boum Boum music video in Spain

MIKA for My TFI (France)


Original | Translation by Charlie20 on MFC

"They will do Boum Boum Boum"  (About the story behind Boum Boum Boum)

Meanwhile,the interpreter of the famous “Relax, Take it easy” is preparing a new album, his fourth, and already releases a new single called Boum Boum Boum. “A song full of joy” for the artist, who hopes to “inspire tolerance” with this title, born after a dinner with his friend and lyricist, Doriand. “We were having dinner in a very chic restaurant of the 16th district, near the window. And in the building accross the street, I see a guy in the process of preparing, look at himself in the mirror, and then remove his pants! The woman with whom he was finally closes the curtain. I said: ‘they will do Boom, Boom, Boom.’And we started/it’s started. We wrote the song on the tablecloth, everywhere/all around in every sense, with a bottle of red wine.”

"We’ve been together for a very long time" (About his lovelife)

Another topic addressed: his couple. If Mika has fought for the marriage for all/everyone, he says (that he) doesn’t want to marry, for the moment, with his companion/partner.”Not now. This is not essential, said the singer. But I want the right to protect the person I love, to accompany him to the hospital. This is a form of union. We are together/We have been together for a very long time. We are discrete, but we don’t hide either”
Being in the first page of “Voici” , in the company of his beloved, did also not embarrassed/troubled him: “Me, I’m someone public (…) We are a couple who go for a walk.This is very banal, very normal, and not at all sensationalist.”

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